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what kind of symptoms can S.K.M.S. capsules help?

Lots. Lots and lots, but we'll get specific on just four of them. Generally more effective and safer than most conventional alternatives. But you probably already knew that.

CherryWine WholePlant CBD Zero Processed RSO Capsules

Lyme Disease Symptoms, Seizures, Migraines, Severe Anxiety Symptoms, Sleep assistance, Inflammation Reduction, Post Work Out relief, Chronic Pain management

Original Chronic Illness Zero Processed RSO Capsules

The original Chronic Illness, Cancer and Cancer Treatment Side Effect symptom reliever, honed by hundreds of patients' continual feedback and diagnostic results. Also effective on pain relief, nausea and some digestive system symptoms.

Severe Pain Formula

A heavy hitter pain reliever, also the night time portion of the Cancer symptom management Blues and Purples package. These can double as a sleep aid for most, and can assist taming tough PTSD symptoms. Used by hundreds to assist in successful opiate cessation cases, as post surgery pain management and severe chronic pain management.

Recharge Sleep Assistance Formula

There's almost none of us that don't benefit from a better night's sleep. Whether its anxiety preventing getting to sleep, or trouble waking in the middle of the night, the Recharge capsules are a safe effective solution, charging up that endocannabinoid sleep healing function.

Take 1-2 Recharge Capsules an hour or two before bed for a better nights rest. This will also help daytime pain levels and anxiety levels- we all need sleep to function well!

All available on the site for Priority Shipping five days a week. Check out the testimonials at the bottom of the home page if you're looking for some safe more effective and consistent performing alternative solutions on your health journey. Sleep heals!!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

(207) 671-8387

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