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the moving parts of managing anxiety & trauma

different causes and solutions, the #endocannabinoid system is uniquely able to help.


the role of sleep

sleep is the first key to managing real trauma or daytime anxiety. without it inflammation just increases day after day altering neural pathways, making managing anxiety or trauma nearly impossible.

the endocannabinoid system can manage sleep better than prescription chemicals and more consistently than over the counter options- because it's your own body.

Cannabinoids fueling sleep, taken typically after dinner, can improve both the amount and quality of sleep, and importantly, aid in inflammation reduction.

Inflammation contributes to the challenging mind stuff and is usually the actual source of physical pain.


is it more in the mind or in the body?

daily intake of cannabinoids fueling the grounding calmer neural pathways of the mind, and quieting the ego's 'fear factory' can have a profound effect on how a person feels today, and months later.

By changing how we think every day, day after day, we can allow our bodies to have healthier rhythms as well. The more we do this, the more easily it happens naturally. And importantly, the easier it is to return to it when we get knocked off balance by life's changes or triggers.


but sometimes it's more in the body. some of us can feel a nervous energy in the body, in the nervous system. This may even manifest as migraines, muscle spasms, unpredictable physical pain, or even seizures or panic attacks.

Dosage for managing serious nervous system symptoms is best done in a preventative manner, but the SKMS CherryWine Capsules can bring tough nervous systems back to calm quickly. Dosage may vary from 1-2 per 24 hours to as many as 1 every 2 hours for severe seizure cases.


is it more trauma, a little more than just anxiety?

if we find ourselves lost in our own minds, easily triggered by events, sounds or things we experience, are disproportionately unnerved relative to our environments, or have suffered trauma, we may be struggling with PTSD like mechanisms more than just anxiety or an unusually wound up nervous system.

Many years of Combat Veterans can attest to the impressive ability of the SKMS Severe Pain capsules to manage severe anxiety and PTSD symptoms, as well as night terrors, panic attacks and phobias. Typically taken 1 per 6-8 hours, but sometimes more often.


finding a rhythm is finding your way back to a healthy way of living.

Getting good sleep at night, and having calmer days, leads to a natural rhythm of healthier biorhythms, healthier minds and happier lives.

Its about balance, and that's kind of what the endocannabinoid system is all about: balancing the systems.

Have questions about your health journey, finding better sleep or calmer days?

SKMS and RCM Co. expert Healthcare educating staff is here to help!

Send us your questions!


Portland Maine April 30, 2024

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