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The Connection: Environment and Medicine Performance

Modern Cannabis grow practices call for fixed environmental variables to limit risk, but this limits the medicinal potentials of medicine made from these plants as well.

Modern Cannabis Production 'standard practices' call for fixed environmental variables to limit risk of loss. This practice also prevents production of minor cannabinoids and the true expression of many available genetics, including much of the Landrace genetic pool all modern hybrids arose from.

Like all things biological, cannabinoid profiles and the potential medicines they provide are a function of their environment.

Starting in 2014, S.K.M.S. pioneered indoor growing methods enabling production of equatorial and Southeast Asian strains consistently excluded from medicine production, as too costly or risky to grow.

Environmental variables and patterns were isolated, manipulated and tracked, creating duplicatable and unique strain-specific life cycle 'stories'. These cannabinoid profiles are used to produce 8 symptom specific wholeplant powdered capsule medicines, providing unique and otherwise unavailable symptom relief, and importantly, more consistent performance.

Learn more about production practices that contribute to the unique and consistent performance of Real Cannabis Medicine Co. products from the Blog page, or learn more about products from the links below.

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

June 2, 2023


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