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the cancer relief combo

with the help of hundreds of cancer patients and many remission statements the S.K.M.S. cancer formula has been refined to consistent effect #cancer #cancerrelief #cancertreatmentsideeffect

Symptom relief is very important in any health pursuit, especially a chronic illness. Symptom relief of healthcare's treatment, such as the ability to ingest nutrients, can be the difference in success often. Cannabis medicines, especially those targeted specifically for those symptom relief benefits, can be hugely beneficial to management or a recovery.

Although much science definitively shows that THC compounds trigger the Endocannabinoid system to aggressively remove cancerous cells (only, unlike Chemotherapy), S.K.M.S. cancer work and clients have shown that certain cannabinoid compounds and in certain combinations can be most effective, and more quickly effective.

The S.K.M.S. cancer or cancer treatment symptom relief protocol is simple:

Blue Capsules by Day, Purple Capsules by night.

Increase frequency (how often you take them) steadily until symptoms subside. Generally this will build to one blue every 2-3 hours, and 2-4 purples during evening hours. We have observed that diagnostic reports most often start improving when a person is sleeping approximately 16 hours of every 24 hours, not in a row, usually in a series of naps, interspersed with food and water and bathroom breaks.

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RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Dec. 1st 2023

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