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the anxiety solution

life is better when we're calm.

Anxiety can be really tough. Especially day after day. There's a lot of it these days. Circumstances in life change, but our mind and body's reactions to those changes can be unhealthy and uncomfortable. Elevated cortisol levels directly contribute to health issues and tougher mental health. Reversing that trend is as simple as helping the Endocannabinoid System realign some neural pathways.

the go to solution

Introduced in 2017 the Anxiety Relief Formula, originally labeled "Different Ways Better Days Formula" became an immediate best seller.

Two great performances mark this anxiety relief formula. One, it keeps working. People find consistent relief day after day for years, unlike pharma alternatives. Second, it is very common for people to feel better eventually and just forget to keep taking them.. because they don't need them any more. That- is endocannabinoid healing, restored and healthier neural pathways.

manageable doses

S.K.M.S. capsules are uniquely wholeplant, true originally bonded cannabinoids in lieu of the isolated molecules in most edibles. This provides more consistent absorption and a wealth of additional medicinal benefits. Capsules are also provided in manageable doses. Typically take 1-2 per 6-10 hours, once a day.

Safe, consistent ingredients and processes

S.K.M.S.' CBD rich landrace concentrate formula used in capsule Formulas is manufactured with just three ingredients: living soil grown cannabis plants, water and organic coconut oil. S.K.M.S. clients include numerous pediatric seizure patients extremely sensitive to toxins. Their years of effective use stands as a testimonial to product purity.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Nov. 28, 2023


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