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Severe Pain Management 101

the meds work, but there are habits we can adopt to dramatically reduce pain. #painmanagement #chronicpain #painrelief

There are many kinds of pain but how our body handles its mitigation has some common variables. Adopting living practices which respect these body mechanics can make our experience a whole lot more tolerable.

There are daily habit and things we eat and drink which dramatically reduce or increase pain levels. Learn more from the crew that's worked with hundreds of chronic and severe pain management clients from all walks of life for many years.

Tip #1 - Sugar is not your friend.

Sugar increases pain, simple as that. Ultra refined sugar, some of which is so far from real sugar the USDA reclassified it, is really bad for pain. Its hard to avoid in today's food chain, and some of us even crave it when we're in pain, but it is really not your friend. Sugar will elevate pain short and long term, and contribute to pain cycles.

Tip #2 - Sleep, often and at the right time, is your friend.

Sleep is key to our body's inflammation removal processes, which generally is the source of pain. Without good sleep it is difficult for pain levels not to increase.

But its not just enough sleep, its when we sleep. The human body's healing systems and when they work, is built around what's called a circadian rhythm, meaning that our bodies heal best while the sun is down. For best pain management, keep a regular sleep schedule, go to bed early and get up a healthy normal time. Try to get at least 6-8 hours of solid sleep a night. SKMS Sleep Chocolates, Recharge Capsules or Severe Pain capsules can really help with that.

"I purchased SKMS capsules for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis I have from broken bones from a car accident. They have helped so much." – Jay in South Portland Maine

Tip #3 - Pain gets in our heads

There is a strong correlation between anxiety, trauma histories and thinking and pain levels. The more anxious we are, generally the higher our pain levels are. If we feel pain and start to think negative thoughts because of it, or it reminds us of trauma feelings or thought patterns, this too can increase pain levels. The mind simply becomes more attentive to pain and reports it more urgently to the conscious mind.

We can reduce pain in a very real way by how we think and feel. If we are positive and engaged with the world our pain levels will be less noticeable and with many people, literally lower - the nerves are calmer and generate less pain. We literally are how we think. Try to use this to your advantage. It may sound corny, but it works- think happy thoughts.

Tip #4 - Meds do work, consistently and safely

Well, maybe not that bottle of aspirin a week or the Gabapentin or Oxi script, but these do. Because the endocannabinoid system doesn't work for American Healthcare, it works for you.

And when fed the appropriate nutrient formulations it can have a more powerful pain reduction affect than healthcare's best pain meds in many cases. It works consistently, unlike Opiates which have a quickly diminishing absorption factor. Safe, effective, healing pain relief. In the mail, order online.

Tip #5 - Watch the food ingredients, and drink water

What we put in our mouth beyond sugar can have a big impact on pain levels. Avoid artificial ingredients. In some clients artificial flavorings, sugars or preservatives will produce profound spikes in pain levels, typically hours or even a day or two later, most commonly with nervous system associated conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy or Lyme Disease but not always.

Water- gotta drink water. Water is essential to healing and to the body's ability to remove inflammation, the usual source of pain.

You got this.

with consistent quality sleep, avoidance of sugars and food poisons, drinking water and feeding your endocannabinoid system cannabinoid nutritition, you should find that pain levels are dramatically improved.

You can find a variety of pain level cannabinoid formula solutions on the RCM Co. Shop page, appropriate for different types of pain management. You can send questions to SKMS expert Staff on the Contact Us Page, or Order Samples from the Shop Pages! You will find two true whole plant CBD Formulas, a Chronic Pain and a Severe Pain Relief Formula, as well as sleep solutions listed above!

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