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Still rocking the Sleep Chocolate Truffles

We wouldn't stop making them! the bars are awesome, but some of us like some things to stay the same. we understand! Even have some help, cause sleep is key.

There's one thing we can't remember anyone saying about the S.K.M.S. Sleep Chocolates, that they didn't work. Cause they do, every time.

And for those who remember what a difference sleep can make to a life, and just want it back, consistency is awesome. Cause most sleep products... well, consistency not a top selling point, or they may have some side effects and sometimes not leave one actually feeling rested. Consistency is one of the top compliments we've always heard on the S.K.M.S. Sleep Chocolates.

Waking refreshed and not groggy from massive amounts of inflammation reduction is probably the next most common feedback on the Sleep Chocolate Truffles, now almost ten years in production with many hundreds of thousands consumed.

So if you need some real sleep, and statistics say much or most of America does need more and better sleep, consider the safe reliable endocannabinoid healing option of Landrace CBD rich Cannabutter Ghirardelli Chocolate.

One an hour or two before bed, and we are confident you will be thankful in the morning. Cause sleep can change a day, a week, a person and a life. No, really. We have worked with a lot of people for a long time & have the life stories to back it up!

So go take care of yourself! Go get some real sleep!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 3,. 2023

(207) 544-6744


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