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severe PTSD, SKMS meds & hallucinogenic treatments

marketing regs. may only let us talk about symptom relief, but root cause removal is where its at.

From the early years SKMS has worked with Combat Trauma and the everyday life trauma histories that contribute so much and so commonly to mental health symptoms, physical well being, pain management and chronic illness.

Trauma histories, and the waves of reverberating confused energy they send forward through our lives imbalance our biological systems, both aggravating that already stressed mental health and making the body literally more prone to pain and illness.

The endocannabinoid system can have powerful effects mitigating damaging effects of these trauma waves through our bodies and minds, and even help rewrite the mind substantially, enable a clearer space for a new way of being. SKMS has certainly had hundreds of clients attest to this journey over the years. Endocannabinoid therapy works.

For many of SKMS most severely traumatized client minds, frequent dosages on par with cannabinoid Cancer symptom mitigation (40-60mg per 24 hours of absorbed wholeplant fully bonded cannabinoids, typically in very sedative and pain symptom specific profiles) enabled cessation of PTSD symptoms and triggering, enabled more natural circadian sleep cycles, and with significant client work on their own, enabled trauma peoples to fully integrate back into normal lives. Clients reported remarkable transformations.

SKMS witnessed many combat veterans isolating themselves from family and society for fear of their own behavior, and within months sleeping normally, not experiencing triggers all the time, even 'coaching little league', living with their families and truly appreciating life., all thanks to aggressive and consistent cannabinoid treatment as well as personal and counseling work.

For some, the marks are deep and the waves' rhythms are stubborn. SKMS has worked with many clients who combined wholeplant cannabinoid profile capsules, as recommended by SKMS staff, with hallucinogenic treatments, often Doctor prescribed and guided, or part of organized Veteran healing organizations, to try to get past a seemingly intolerable state of being.

Some SKMS staff have been down this road as well, and found remarkable benefits in adopting the healing of doctor prescribed MDMA treatment in a more lasting form by incorporating very frequent and large doses of SKMS wholeplant medicine capsules for days both prior to and following two treatments.

So How Did They Do It?

Mind and Spirit. Put them to sleep together. Reboot them together.

Effective protocols which enhanced healing for combining SKMS cannabinoid meds and powerful mind cleansing treatments such as MDMA, mushrooms and others, were discovered naturally as a function of client symptoms.

Typically people pursue these mind and trauma cleansing treatments because emotional symptoms are just so frequent and severe, continuing to live with them is difficult to imagine. A heavy dosage of the sedative formulas SKMS has used for PTSD and severe pain treatment for years will eventually create a quiet space, beyond the painful mental PTSD noise. This has been discovered to be a more effective starting point for these more impactful treatments.

While the sedative cannabinoids' effects often do subdue the intensity of the actual treatment experience, it seems to actually increase the depth to which it is experienced or imprinted in the mind, or perhaps the depth to which the cleaning is effective.

More importantly, the heavy and prolonged dosage of sedative Cannabinoid profiles prior to treatment often provide a sense of the perspective and knowledge gained 'settling' in deeper and more permanently into the psyche afterwards. SKMS Purples have been taken typically as often as every hour for days prior to fairly substantial mind altering experiences, which were typically taken as prescribed in controlled settings, supported by counseling and other care.

The Reboot

Almost all report a deep commitment to maintain the perspective learned during a successful treatment, which is after all, the whole point- to write new or healthier, or reboot more original healthier older neural pathways, and learn to think, feel and live a new and more comfortable way.

As the ego's fears, and PTSD wiring try to reboot this wrestling with the 'vision' of treatment and a sense of returning to one's old uncomfortable thought patterns and self, can be very difficult, even saddening to some who found such precious relief through an understanding of new ways which they have trouble maintaining.. just feels like a memory slipping away, and symptoms returning.

Many have naturally supported their vision with SKMS yellow capsules, a blend of equatorial and Buddhist culture Landrace Strains, selected for their positive, uplifting energy and clarity. These capsules have been used for years to medicate similar mental health symptoms- depression symptoms, lack of clarity, ADHD and others.

It has been found, that similar to the dosage frequency which occurs naturally prior to treatment by those medicating extreme mental anguish with SKMS purple sedative compound capsules, a similar dosage level of the uplifting equatorial and buddhist Sativa Landrace strains supports the treatment outtake, reportedly making it far more effective and instilled in future habits.

The dosage of this equatorial sativa and eastern Silk Road cannabinoid concoction typically also approaches 1 capsule an hour, with a total cannabinoid intake per 24 hours in the neighborhood of 25-40mg of actually absorbed cannabinoids.

Would note that isolate cannabinoid formats achieve 2-6% according to studies, most so-called full spectrum achieves- if its lucky- low double digit percentages, so actual intake would be much higher for most cannabinoid formats. SKMS zero processed RSO powder typically achieves over 75% absorption in comparison to other formats, and sometimes higher.

The Sativa supplementation to the treatment vision has also incorporated anxiety relieving cannabinoid compounds and wholeplant CBD, which of course additionally facilitates absorption of THC compounds but also can help to calm or prevent the rewiring of those PTSD symptoms.

SKMS has been along for the ride on many of these journeys with the cannabinoid knowledge support and always glad to learn and share more where its helpful. You can reach SKMS staff by email at

Best wishes on your healing journeys. Life is how we see and live it.

RCM Co. and SKMS Staff

Portland Maine January 28, 2024

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