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S.K.M.S. began developing a seizure prevention formula in 2015 at a doctor's request, based on the Israeli Cannabis Seizure Research. Many refinements were made to strains, phenotypes and processing methods, but in that time client seizure reduction reportedly improved from around fifty to near 90% or better. So, what goes into S.K.M.S. Seizure meds and how are they consistent and safe?

The Israeli military spent extensive time and funds researching cannabis for seizure prevention, and found a number of factors unique to their research, determining long term performance of any cannabis medicine.

While the human body not only receives cannabinoids safely, and has a million year old system called the endocannabinoid system which utilizes cannabinoids for a wide range of cellular and systemic healing, research has definitively found that isolated cannabinoids are not received or processed the same, and are actually incapable of consistent absorption and would be prone to cannabis hyperemesis, or a chemical sensitivity type reaction. This is thought to be due to isolated cannabinoids not occurring naturally and being recognized as such by digestive linings.

So the question remains, how to produce a consistent cannabinoid profile which is not subject to restricted or varied absorption, but remains in its whole plant, originally molecularly bonded forms.

S.K.M.S. quite notably pioneered a solution to this, in a zero processed Rick Simpson Oil equivalent, which actually retained a broader cannabinoid profile than traditional solvent washes, using only water and organic coconut oil. The final concentration is turned to a pharma grade powder thru a proprietary, no heat/no chemical proprietary process, allowing maximum control of dosage.

S.K.M.S. CherryWine WholePlant CBD Capsules are processed from our own clean grow plants, the daughters of a custom bred phenotype of the CherryWine Cannabis strain which S.K.M.S. refined. All elements of this recipe, from soil to capsule, were altered many times based on client feedback, in a 'evidenced based medicine' development approach. The Pink capsules are reportedly effective on a wide range of Lyme disease symptoms, seizure and migraine prevention, may also be used for inflammation reduction (post work out is common), and some types of pain relief effectively, and is often described as having a calming or grounding effect on the nervous system.

These solid pink 01 size Medisca Pharma grade capsules have been recommended many hundreds of times by the former Scarborough Maine Lyme Clinic, additionally Dr. Dustin Sulak's Pediatric Practice, and Neurologists. With almost 1 million consumed with a flawless performance record, these are safe and effective for all ages and body types.

If you have more questions about dosage, seizure reduction tools, Lyme Disease symptom management or S.K.M.S. products, feel free to text or email us anytime or call us during call in hours M-F 8am-Noon EST.

(207) 671-8387

SKMS and RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 26th, 2023

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