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sativa energy capsules available

one of the longest running most popular SKMS formulas now available online #painrelief #energy #depression #alzheimers #dementia #motivation

Originally requested by a Maine Doctor as a opiate alternative daytime pain relief that wouldn't make patients groggy or sleepy, the 'SKMS Yellows' became so much more...

It was no surprise when SKMS Staff fielded reports of great days on outdoor adventures, pain free, optimistic and motivated, but that was just the beginning.

Reports of couch lock level mental health challenges disappearing surfaced regularly from SKMS clients.


"I take two of those yellows every time I hit the slopes, hips don't bother me and I am just in the best mood all day, the world looks amazing and I am completely in the moment, the Yellows are mental health positive!"

- Jay, age 68, Healthcare Professional in Portland Maine


Alzheimer's and Dementia Symptom Relief

The SKMS Yellows are also commonly used to relieve symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, reportedly assisting in relieving social disconnection, mood swings and sun downing symptoms. One capsule in the morning is a standard dosage.

As always, always consult with a doctor prior to combining any medications, and remember that Benzodiazepines should not be combined with cannabis in general due to an interaction which can cause worse versions of the pharmaceuticals normal side effects.

Would a sample help? Samples mail out 5 days a week! You can order from the Shop page or drop RCM Co. a message on the website. The SKMS Yellows are available in 24 and 60 count bottles, and may be added to the Buy 2 Get One Free or Buy One Get One savings opportunities.

Questions? Hit us up, experts at SKMS and RCM Co. are eager to answer your questions M-F.


Best Wishes on Your Health Journey!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since

September 18th, 2023


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