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safer sleep options that keep working

the #endocannabinoidsystem is tasked with sleep management, cellular repair and a lot more. It just needs the right fuels.

The proven sleep solutions

SKMS has developed a few options for sleep assistance over the years, many generated by requests of Combat Veterans managing busy minds or chronic pain. The endocannabinoid system can effect real quality sleep, where the mind actually rests and inflammation reduces, making for a much better day.

What are the options?

Sleep Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Bars or Capsules?

Sleep Chocolates, just take one. Some take two. An Hour or Two before bed, and send us a thank you email in the morning. They work. We use them almost every night, as do a whole lot of clients for many years.

Chocolate not your thing? It has some advantages with additional Plant oils absorption, but there's another option. Zero Processed Whole Plant Concentrate Powder, like traditional RSO, but made with only water and coconut oil, the Recharge formula is a go-to solution for many. Take 1-2 an hour or two before bed.

Does chronic or severe pain keep you awake?

You can mix and match with SKMS Canna products, the safety of cannabis medicine has some advantages.

Try a low THC Chronic Relief Capsule, or the Heavy Hitter Severe Pain Formula.

And sometimes pain relief is all we need to get to sleep.

If wound nerves or nervous system symptoms such as migraines, restless leg syndrome or related are an obstacle, add a wholeplant CBD capsule, the go to solution for nervous system symptoms commonly produced by Lyme Disease, Parkinson's and other conditions.

Discover the safe Sleep Healing solutions that replenish a body fueling its own sleep system, the endocannabinoid system.

Look for the deals and buy 3 get one Free on Sleep Chocolates, and combo savings for Chocolates and Capsules.

Questions? Drop us a note at


RCM Co. Staff

Portland, Maine since 2014

Sept. 26th, 2023


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