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Safe anxiety relief

No cascade health effect, gut disorders or enteric nervous system disengagement. Just healthy neural pathways. Kinda like plant based training wheels for the mind.

It is not uncommon for clients using the SKMS anxiety relief capsules, to simply forget to take them after a few weeks or months, or to realize they just don't need anxiety relief anymore.

The mind tends to write stories and stick to rhythms. It likes to repeat stress and anxiety.

Often times better mental health is as simple as practicing a new way of feeling and thinking, and cannabis in the proper formulated whole plant formats can help this, much like training wheels for the mind, the SKMS capsules promote a healthier, calmer more grounded and positive, and original neural programming.

If you're wondering if natural anxiety relief could help but aren't sure, we also have samples available! Send us a request!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

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