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PTSD, trauma, anxiety & endocannabinoids

As a systemic regulator the endocannabinoid system when fueled with targeted wholeplant cannabinoid formulas, can provide tremendous relief to the panic.

For many, the holidays aren't a time of joy. Maybe its the prospect of being alone, maybe its traumatic memories, but for many sleep and an escape from non stop trauma thoughts are pretty hard to find.
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SKMS Staff first discovered the endocannabinoid system's ability to mitigate trauma working with combat veterans. The relationship between pain levels and feelings of trauma or anxiety are strong.

By allowing the Endocannabinoid system to calm the mind, pain levels often reduce, and mental or emotional pain greatly improve. The SKMS Severe Pain Formula has been carefully formulated with years of feedback from millions of dosages to address both- the physical inflammation reduction which reduces localized pain and the nervous system and mind which amplify it.
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The common solution for severe trauma symptom relief is the Severe Pain Relief Formula which also acts as a fairly potent mental sedative. Taken often enough can abate certain types of seizures, and stop recurring panic attacks. Some folks have been known to take them as often as every hour until finding sleep eventually- a wonderful relief.

If you have questions about dosage or best formulas, send your questions any time. Expert Staff with years of client experience and extensive Endocannabinoid Biochemistry knowledge are available to help!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine

Serving endocannabinoid medicine needs of Maine and beyond since 2014



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