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product drop: K9 PAIN RELIEF

SKMS has had K9 clients since 2015, with years of astounding testimonials, cause after all.. all mammals have an endocannabinoid system.

Its true.. the same system that removes damaged cells, reduces inflammation and provides pain relief to humans, is in every other mammal. By most estimates the endocannabinoid system has existed in mammals for millions of years.

So, if the side effects on that K9 pain relief look a little scary, maybe consider a safer alternative without unhealthy side effects, that fuels your pups own healing systems.

Finally in Dog Chews!

clients have asked for SKMS Capsules in Dog Biscuits or Dog Chews for a long time, and we finally came through!

Real Bacon Filled


Real Bacon Coated

Dog Chews!

And What's in the SKMS K9 Pain Relief Formula?

wholeplant goodness, CBD rich landrace concentrate, refined by years of K9 owners' client feedback, dosage and cannabinoid profile appropriate for mild to medium pain relief specifically for K9 absorption. For more relief, just increase frequency of dosage.

Curious about dosage?

K9 Weight:

5-10lbs: 1 Dog Chew

10-30lbs: 2 Dog Chews

30-70lbs: 2 Dog Chews

70lbs +: 3-4 Dog Chews

Want to try the new SKMS K9 Relief Chews on your Pup?

they come 10 to a bottle in the product drop version shown, fancy labeling to follow soon. You can order an intro 10 Count Bottle for just Ten Dollars by contacting us now at the button below!

Just drop us a note and we will send you a click to pay invoice, and get it right out in the priority mail!

"we've had two pups on the SKMS capsules for years, one was barely able to move until she started on them, lived few more unexpected years of mobile happiness, the other can still go hiking with us without being crippled for a day thanks to the SKMS capsules every night. Very grateful for these products, our dogs are like kids to us" - Jane in Georgetown Maine

"vet said should put him down, in too much pain to get around, figured we'd try anything, two weeks of those capsules and it was like it rewound five years off his life. He's still a pain in the ass two years later, but we are so thankful he is and is still here, those capsules rock." - Tim, Gorham Maine


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine 01.13.2024

O: 207.544.6744


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