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pharma vs. whole plant

Updated: Apr 19

and how there really is no such thing as 'tolerance'.. #opiates #pharmaceuticalscience #absorption #endocannabinoidsystem

The Better Living Through Chemistry concept of creating medicine started the pharmaceutical industry almost a hundred years ago, and it seemed like a great idea at the time: targeted symptom specific compounds, based on singular molecular compounds.

The challenge was absorption.. we now know that the human digestive lining increasingly identifies and restricts absorption of isolated molecules in ancient protective measure against absorbing metals in free standing drinking water.

So, there is no tolerance, just less absorption. Yep, the condition may not change but the same amount of prescription does not have the same effect. This gives the experience of needing more and more to get even close to the same symptom relief.

Spoiler alert.. the cannabis industry made the same mistake.

Almost all edible medicines on the U.S. market, many of them really not medicine anyway, more recreational, are in general... also.. isolated compounds. Cannabis isolate compounds like isolate THC or CBD are lucky to achieve more than 10% absorption and generally much less. This also decreases over time generally.

So how do ancient plant medicines achieve consistent absorption....

No isolated molecules, keeping those healthy effective plant compounds healthily in tact. SKMS pioneered a method to capture these plant oils and measure them uniformly, so you get the same relief every time, with no decrease in absorption.

How do we know what does what? Well, don't hesitate to ask us on the Contact Us page or you can find great symptom specific product info on each product page as well. All 100% plant, doctor recommended, years of testimonials from clients as young as 6 and old as 92!

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