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pharma grade delivery tech advancements

the wheels of tech development and wholeplant medicine engineering never stop at S.K.M.S. and RCM Co. is proud to share some of the latest advancements.

For plant meds or pharma, dosage is really a function of absorption. If dosage increases while absorption decreases, we're just taking more, not actually receiving more active ingredients or plant medicines.

Pharma has known this for a long time. Fine micron screening in powdered pharmaceutical products serves a number of manufacturing benefits and product quality control, but primarily, it aids absorption.

The smaller and greater number of particles, the more collective surface area to contact digestive walls, the more of an ingested medicine is absorbed, the better it delivers its compounds to the body.

Turning Plant Oils into powder without causing molecular fragmentation is a challenge of its own, but reducing plant oils turned into a powder to increasingly small sizes consistent with common pharma size grades is a few more levels of difficult.

The persistence and innovative methods of S.K.M.S. manufacturing have managed to find another major step forward in product advancement this summer, passing 100 micron particle screening easily and revealing potential for continual size reduction. This brings real whole plant medicine into the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing, for the first time, without isolated and fractured compounds without diminished or altered performances, entourage effect fully in tact.

Free Samples can be ordered from the Shop Page of RealCannabisMedicineCo on line, and orders ship out five days a week. The staff at RCM Co. is so glad to been such a part of so many healing stories! Let us know how we can help yours!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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