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PA Amish Group Studied has 0 Pediatric Cancer Deaths

And that's not all. Testimony before legislature by respected research doc that questions modern living, and the power of the body to heal itself.


A study of Amish Community health in Pennsylvania reinforces the immense value of diet and life style, underscores the harm done by toxic foods and often healthcare itself, and renews attention on the inherent healing abilities of the human body.

“Leading American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has dozens of peer-reviewed published works related to the rise of chronic conditions among the public. McCullough has testified before the U.S. Senate and before legislatures throughout the U.S. regarding the dangers of mRNA jabs. Kirsch and McCullough joined top attorney Thomas Renz and medicolegal death investigator Graham Hetrick on a panel of experts who testified before the Pennsylvania State Senate.”

"After decades of studying the Amish, there’s no report because the report would be devastating to the narrative, it would show that the CDC has been harming the public for decades and saying nothing and burying all the data.”” Kirsch testified.

Want to learn more about the body's own health mechanic, capable of cleaning cancerous cells and restoring systemic systems according to peer reviewed studies and years of testimonials? Well, here are a few links to help!


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