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opiate recovery stories

Updated: Jan 28

just a couple of hundreds our staff have worked with. Its a thing. But there is a safe way back.

And the good news.. a lot of that pain management may be the opiates more than the injury or health challenge itself.

Opiates create pain reuptake cycles, whereby nerves trigger the brain to want more of what they are used to by cueing the mind to focus on the pain. That's a thing too. Many clients report that their managed pain post opiate addiction was much less than that perceived during use of opiate prescriptions.

So how do you do it? It's pretty easy. Of course always consult a doctor before combining medications, but in general there is safe chemistry and lots of safe use history of reducing an opiate script while supplementing with real cannabis based pain relief.

So what is real cannabis based pain relief?

Well sure, Cannabis can alter your perspective when smoked, maybe you realize its not as bad as it seemed, which does alter the experience of pain, but this isn't even close to Cannabis' full performance potential for pain relief.


'People Can Use Cannabis Instead Of Opioids For Pain'

-Dr. Peter Grinspoon, Harvard University


Cannabinoids are produced naturally in thousands if not millions of different cannabinoid profiles each containing different amounts of the hundreds of cannabinoid compounds in different concentrations and arrangements, each providing unique benefits. Some of them are Severe Pain Relief.


"Really appreciate these products, it is wonderful to be able to order them quick in the mail from Florida when we're not in Maine. It was really one of our biggest concerns coming down here each winter- being away from SKMS meds. But now any one can order them online in U.S. its a brave new world with a lot safer health options."

-Art, Jacksonville FLA


SKMS capsules formulas are uniquely formulated to both keep these cannabinoid profiles fully in tact, but also to both source the most pain relieving or other symptom specific and relieving compounds from the best genetics literally from around the world, and to process these cannabinoids in a way which both maximize their symptom relieving potentials and absorb quickly and consistently.

The SKMS Purple Severe Pain Capsules have been responsible for so many opiate recoveries Staff long ago lost count, but the even better thing is, the method is super simple.

Start with one by day or night, and as slowly or fast as you want, increase frequency (how often you take them) until symptoms subside, you sleep better (real sleep) and start to feel more and more yourself. And hopefully with your doctor's support, decrease your opiate prescription.


"I knew I had to quit the doctor's script which I got after hip injury and surgeries when my grand daughter came up to me after her first day of school and proudly presented a picture she had drawn, and I just said 'oh that's nice honey' and went back to staring out the window.

It hit me like a ton of bricks about a minute later. 'what is wrong with me??' I started crying. I thought my daughter in law was going to think I was nuts but she responded 'no, I totally get it this happens, but I know something natural that can help get you back' and here I am again. It's amazing and I am so thankful. I can't imagine if I'd spent the last ten years of my life like that, it scares me to think. Thank you for these products, they have changed my life."

-Helen in Sabattus Maine


Addiction is tough, and opiates have a way of robbing people of our connection with life or purpose for living. Give it a try! There really is all natural pain med that works, that actually works with your endocannabinoid system. That's why they call them Cannabinoids!


"I was on a lot of opiates for a long time. It took me almost three years to get off of them completely. I was not myself. I am going to PT now, which they said would never happen. I have a walker. I would never have done that if I'd stayed on those script pills, it made me into a zombie. I could not be more grateful or determined now."

-Gail in New Gloucester Maine


Have questions? Would free samples help convince you? We're glad to spread the safer ancient healing ways. Say hello! Tell us how we can help:

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