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new sleep chocolate packaging!

brand new #sleepchocolate packaging, resealable and durable!

Sleep Chocolate Truffles now in clear pop tubes that can be tossed in your dresser drawer or a travel bag!

5 Truffles to a Tube, 40mg of wholeplant bonded cannabinoids, made from the best sleepy Landrace CBD rich strains from literally around the world. Carefully grown, harvested, cured, blended and processed into proprietary recipes credited with consistent sleep night after night for years from some of the toughest insomniacs out there!


"I have finally found a sleep product that works. I know this because I've been taking them for a week or more and unlike every other product I've ever tried, pharma from the VA or over the counter, they still work wonderfully night after night. I wake rested and refreshed. I am a veteran who is kept awake by PTSD and lower back pain."

- Don in Portland Maine


Ingredients are simple, safe and pure.

Many S.K.M.S. clients who helped pioneer products now available through RCM Co. online struggle with chronic illness and some with seizures, making them particularly susceptible to adverse reactions from unnatural or polluted ingredients.

While lab testing for toxins reveals these products' health safety, the years of zero recorded adverse reactions from these sensitive clients is likely an even better testament to their safety, (well...we did know a dog who ate way too many chocolates once.. a little scary, but he was okay a few hours later).

S.K.M.S. Sleep Chocolates only contain Ghirardelli Chocolate, Organic Sunflower Seed powder & our concentrated Landrace Cannabis Oil made from Organic Coconut oil and Living Soil grown Landrace Cannabis.

Additionally you will find a QR code to the product page and lab test and a clearly marked THC content by weight, stating compliance for Controlled Substance Act exemption, as in legally, federally speaking, "not marijuana, not a regulated substance".

If you'd like probably the best night's sleep ever you can order online right now, in more price convenient packaging than ever! Just click below to learn more.


R.C.M. Co. Staff

Portland Maine

Nov. 12th, 2023

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