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New product size: 24 Count Severe Pain Relief Capsules

Now available in 24 Count bottles for $35, the long running

SEVERE PAIN RELIEF CAPSULES, formerly only available in 60 Count Bottles.

Also available by request free in the mail (until current supplies run out) in 2-Count Tear Open Sample Packs. Just send us a name, address and request for purple samples, and we'll get them dropped in the mail.

Capsule contents are 100% whole plant and zero processed, so completely natural, and powdered. So, capsules may be opened and portioned for first timers seeking to build confidence, which is great. How we feel about a medicine has a huge impact on its performance according to many years of studies.

24 Count Bottles for $35 can be found on the menu, $35, $1.45 per capsule, a terrific value!

If it helps to build medicine confidence, send us a request for samples!

Best wishes on your health journey, we hope SKMS products assist. Send questions any time.

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

March 2nd, 2023

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