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need better sleep? we can help with that, really.

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

#insomnia? #anxiety? #PTSD? #pain or #RLS? just can't slow down?

All natural proven safe & effective sleep products from RCM Co. can help you with that.

what are my options?

Capsules, Chocolate Truffles or Chocolate Squares... they all work. Time tested by hundreds of Combat Veterans and Chronic Illness warriors for a decade of nights. A CBD rich Proprietary Blend of the best sleepy Landrace Strains sourced, literally, from the far corners of the earth.

How much do I take?

Take 1 Chocolate Truffle, 1-2 Recharge Capsules, or 2-4 Chocolate Squares of a 24 Square Chocolate Bar, 1-2 hours before bed. Its ok to take more. Its ok to take it again in the middle of the night if you want to sleep longer. Wholeplant Cannabinoids fuel your body's healing system- the endocannabinoid system. There is no known toxicity level and its incapable of being addictive.

How do I SAVE?

Look for the combination savings! There's a buy 3 Get 1 FREE SLEEP Chocolate Truffles or Bars, a Combo pack for Recharge Capsules and Daytime Anxiety Relief, and a Bulk buy Recharge Capsules and SLEEP Chocolate Truffles!

Have questions? Give us a shout!

Sleep Heals. We can't be sane without it, can't think straight, tend to get emotional and have lousy memories. That's mostly caused by brain inflammation which our bodies need to clean out every night. Its also what the Endocannabinoid System specializes in- inflammation reduction. Discover the magic of a real nights sleep, waking rested and refreshed.!

It's more than possible, it's why S.K.M.S. has manufactured thousands of these a month for years, cause they work, and the same people take them night after night after night after night ....


"those SKMS sleep chocolates literally changed my life. I first took them every night for a month straight after not sleeping well for years, and one morning after the several of the best nights sleep I could ever remember I walked downstairs and told my cheating husband I was getting a divorce. Then I went next door and kicked my junky nephew out of the garage apartment back to the inlaws. I had not seen clearly in years. That was from not enough or bad sleep. Real sleep brought me back. I quit my ridiculous job and got one I like better. My life is so much better. Its not a lie or fog. I'm not kidding, those chocolates literally kind of saved my life"

- Jane in Woolwich Maine


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