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Multiple Sclerosis & Cannabis

MS can have unpredictable and severe symptoms, with few available safe prescribed solutions. There is a demonstrated effective, safer alternative.

MS symptoms may come and go unpredictably, and at times be severe. Neuropathic like severe pain may occur, feelings of heat or cold, and other sometimes random uncomfortable symptoms preventing normal daily living.

Targeted real whole plant cannabinoids feeding the endocannabinoid system in specific ways can provide tremendous relief for many clients in our experience. Importantly this makes their days and nights and their whole life much more manageable.

It is helpful to remember that in plant medicine, once compounds are separated into their individual molecules they lose their medicinal performances.

Most cannabis or hemp based edible medicines in the U.S. market fall into this category. Additionally formulating real whole plant medicines to not only retain all of their additional synergistic benefits fuels the endocannabinoid system's symptom relief performances.

The go to relief and life management tools for S.K.M.S. patients have been a combination of

S.K.M.S. CherryWine WholePlant CBD Capsules and

S.K.M.S. Severe Pain Relief Capsules. These are usually taken by day and by night, but tough days are supplemented with the purples.

Take one every 6-10 hours or as often as needed. Thats the nice safe gentle thing about whole plant cannabis medicice.

We would note that of the many MS patients we have worked with, the majority have been rediagnosed as either having Lyme Disease from a parasitic (tick borne) infection, or as having 'Lyme Disease precipitating an MS like symptom presentation'.

If you have a diagnosis this is certainly not confirmation that you actually have Lyme Disease, but it is in our experience, definitely worth having tested. Obtaining a real Lyme Test can be difficult. Some Lyme Clinics send blood samples to a well known national Lab called IGeneX or similar, and sometimes repeatedly until they obtain a positive- as there are false negatives, but a positive is a positive.

This is all important as Lyme Disease is most often treatable, or vastly improvable with antibiotics and dietary changes. MS is generally just managed and can progress.

If you have questions you can send them to the SKMS staff any time, which include CEU Healthcare Accredited educators, and our staff experienced working closely with hundreds of clients for many years. Just contact us below!

How do you get S.K.M.S. capsules? Super simple! You can order samples or order 24 Count or 60 Count Bottles online. Check out the options from the Link below!


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