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MG content: misleading advertising

when absorption plays a predominant role in dosage, THC or other MG content info on canna packaging can be misleading without qualifying absorption formats


Numerous studies and years of consumer feedback confirm, most cannabinoid products' absorption is highly variable at best. More importantly, that variation is based on very small percentage absorption in most products.

Pubmed data bank studies reveal common ingested cannabinoid formats have absorption rates anywhere between 2 and 12% of the total ingested, with many noting the wide range of variation in individuals between dosages.

This low percentage absorption and unpredictability of effect makes consistent symptom management difficult, which has been the motivation of many clients finding S.K.M.S. meds over the years. Especially for relief of pain, PTSD symptoms, Chronic Illness symptoms and more- predictability is paramount.

To highlight how it really works: consider that 4% of 100mg worth of gummies is an experienced and absorbed dosage of just four milligrams.

While a 20% absorption of half the dose, 50mg, would be twice as much, an experienced and absorbed dosage of 10mg.

Quite a difference.

Absorption is based on bioavailability. Science has revealed that plant oils don't absorb in human digestive systems well. Products such as traditional Rick Simpson Oil in its molasses like or even liquified with natural oils form, has some of the lowest absorption percentages.

The more refined a cannabinoid concentrate is, the more molecularly isolated it is, the harder to absorb as well. Additionally, unnaturally occurring molecules are increasingly restricted from absorption by the body- in some sense, the beginnings of a Cannabis Hyperemesis reaction, and the certain end of consistent or useful dosage.

S.K.M.S. has dedicated the better part of a decade, thousands of patient feedbacks, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to crack the canna absorption code.

Absorption is governed by principles we all understand- surface area and absorbability.

In 2017 S.K.M.S. pioneered a Zero Processing method which provided the most unaltered and preserved concentrate version of WholePlant Cannabis available on the market to date, while eliminating the chemicals and gasses used by much of the canna industry's processing methods.

This process also produced a powdered format, which dramatically increased bioavailability, improved onset to relief time, flattened performance curves and increased consistency of duration.

Innovation at S.K.M.S. has also been driven by patient demand and feedback, and the same consistently provided absorption performance results over 50%, and reported the most consistent dosage histories they'd experienced with canna med formats to date.

So, it can be helpful to remember: its not about content, its about absorption, and absorption can vary widely from one product to another, even from one dose to another in the same product. And products which address this will be the most useful to consistent symptom management. They will also provide the most relief for the least mg content- usually translating to the best bang for the buck as well.

S.K.M.S. capsules are currently in a couple of clinical studies, with research on their novel absorption performance coming. We look forward to sharing more science on cannabinoid relief!

Got Questions? Our expert staff are here for your health journeys, just say hello!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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