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Marijuana & Lung Disease Study

"Marijuana and Lung Disease", published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Chest Journal explored the potential damage caused by marijuana smoking to human lungs. You're gonna like this on.

Dr. Tashkin addressed the objective of this research with a simple explaination:

"As marijuana smoking prevalence increases in the United States, concern regarding its potential risks to lung health has also risen, given the general similarity in the smoke contents between marijuana and tobacco"

But these Peer Reviewed study results found that the 1980s political policy driven so called science from the "just say no" crowd may have been...well, to be clear plain in our New England way- faked.


"Despite the presence of carcinogens in marijuana smoke...the weight of evidence from...epidemiologic studies does not support the concept that habitual marijuana a significant risk factor for the development of lung cancer."

Dr. Donald Tashkin


Dr. Tashkin makes it clear in commentary on the study's findings, "Most studies have found a significant association between marijuana smoking and chronic bronchitis symptoms after adjustment for tobacco...A few studies have found a modest reduction in specific airway conductance in relation to marijuana, probably reflecting endoscopic evidence of bronchial mucosal edema among habitual marijuana smokers."

But Tashkin continues with some policy changing insight, that there is definitively no association between cannabis smoking and emphysema identified...or the big one likely many life long smokers don't dare ask- lung cancer.

"A large cohort study and a pooled analysis of six well-designed case-control studies have not found evidence of a link between marijuana smoking and lung cancer," Dr. Tashkin stated.

Tashkin does encourage further research and raises concerns over possible increased risk of pneumonia and similar conditions among some smokers, but that this supposition also needs more research to establish actual risk.

Read more of the original article here:

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