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"Many Unregulated CBD Products Contain Heavy Metals"

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The words of Benjamin Caplan, MD, in his recent Linkedin article of Oct. 28th, 2022, who goes on to explain that the "University of Miami School of Medicine recently conducted a study of 516 unregulated CBD products". "40% contained less CBD than listed, 42% contained lead, 37% mercury and 28% arsenic"

How do you assure you are using safe products?

Regulated products are more likely to be produced safely. Real Cannabis Medicine Co. products are produced under supervision of two longstanding state regulatory departments, the Maine Agricultural Dept. and Maine OMP, which perform annual inspections and govern safe production and processing methods.

Product safety history and length of use are perhaps most important to gauging consumer safety. Real Cannabis Medicine Co.'s products have served almost 500 clients in Maine, continually, day after day, for almost a decade, including numerous pediatric seizure cases sensitive to minute levels of toxins or potency variations. This consistency demonstrates a consistency of methods which maintain a consistent and safe product for consumers.

Cannabis and high content CBD strains are exceptionally adept at removing toxins from soil. Studies have been done on their potential use as 'soil-cleaners' for polluted farm land. Cannabis or CBD crops grown in soil that has had pesticide treated crops grown in it previously, are very likely to absorb toxins deposited in the soil. All Real Cannabis Medicine Co. Cannabis and CBD is grown in organic toxin free living soil. Additionally you may find toxin and mold tests on our base concentrate material, the most concentrated version under 'lab tests' below each product.

Best wishes on your health journey. Plants can help, and help safely.

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