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made them calmer & smarter: for real canna science

Wondering if there is a healthier anxiety symptom relief solution that actually works? and without the long term side effects? You, us and several million other people, reportedly.

As shared in the study's intro "Approximately 34% of adults in the US are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime". 1

"A range of conventional pharmacotherapeutic agents are available, with some patients achieving adequate clinical response. While efficacious for many, conventional medications are typically associated with delayed symptom relief, with full treatment response taking up to 12 weeks2. Additionally, more than half of patients report bothersome side effects including cognitive and sexual dysfunction".

Many find this kind of prescribed solution falls under the "not a cure" category and is somewhat suspect under perspectives of the do-no-harm Hippocratic Oath supposedly guiding modern medicine. As the British Medical society has been apt to preach from years of data collection, long term American pharma use often results in a digestive lining triggered 'cascade effect' which disrupts mental health much further.

Many ages and backgrounds have come to SKMS since 2014 for anxiety symptom relief ranging from frazzled nerves, panic attacks and migraines, to more severe post combat and other PTSD symptoms.

These symptoms are more than unpleasant. They are disrupting, effect our quality of living, our relationships with children, loved ones, friends and co workers. Really importantly, stress can have a serious immediate and long term negative effects on our mental and physical health, causing cortisol levels to rise. More cortisol, more illness.

What do we mean by stress reactions? Well how we think effects how we feel, which in turn effects the cocktail of chemicals in our brains and bodies, it becomes a bit of a chicken and egg cycle, which came first, the stressful thought or the stressful feeling in your body?

The more we think and feel a certain way, the more we are likely to do more of that. After a while it can be hard to change. Our minds, and our connected biochemistry, which effects our feelings, emotions and in turn our thoughts again, are a bit like a computer program that is continually being written by what it experiences, and how we react to that experience. In this way, it can quite literally make itself worse- or better.

What we've noticed working with those seeking more natural anxiety symptom relief options is a distinct difference between the mechanisms and long term outcome of targeted cannabinoid anxiety relief formulas and modern pharmaceutical options.

It seems by observation of the less intense to the very extreme symptoms SKMS has worked with across many hundreds of clients, that targeted cannabinoid formulas at first can perform like training wheels for the mind. Thoughts reportedly remain calmer, with a more confident and positive perspective, and that after a period of time, this feels starts to feel normal and natural. The brain begins to write new healthier programming of its own.

Most interestingly, it is our experience that it is very common for people to contact the SKMS Q&A line weeks or months after beginning a daily regimen of the SKMS Different Ways Better Days anxiety relief formula or one of the two wholeplant high CBD low THC option capsule lines, and report that they discovered they had "forgotten to take their medication for the last few days, but feel fine".

This is a very different than the switch-swapping biochemical patchwork of modern pharma. Instead of patching or blocking unwanted pathways, the endocannabinoid system and the mind naturally work to restore to healthy more original neural pathways. The cycle of "fight or flight", stressful thoughts and stressful biological chemical cocktail emissions broken, a new healthier way of living restored.

This study found similar to our observations, that, "findings suggest significant improvement on primary outcomes measuring anxiety and secondary outcomes assessing mood, sleep, quality of life, and cognition (specifically executive function) following treatment." Yes, it said they were more content, moods were more stable, quality of life reportedly improved and the studied subjects brains worked better. Yes, they were smaaaahtah, as we'd say in Maine.

That, we feel, beyond the safety advantages, is a lot more like real healing.

Best Wishes on Your Health Journey!!

SKMS and RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

National Healthcare CEU Accreditation Experts

Providing CG Services to 7 Counties in Maine &

Fed Exempt Wholeplant Med Sales to 45 States.

1. Kessler, R. C. et al. Twelve-month and lifetime prevalence and lifetime morbid risk of anxiety and mood disorders in the United States. Int. J. Methods Psychiatr. Res.21, 169–184 (2012).

2. "Clinical and cognitive improvement following full-spectrum, high-cannabidiol treatment for anxiety: open-label data from a two-stage, phase 2 clinical trial" -Mary Kathryn Dahlgren, Ashley M. Lambros, Rosemary T. Smith, Kelly A. Sagar, Celine El-Abboud & Staci A. Gruber

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