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Lyme symptoms relief

a frustrating infection with a range of symptoms without easy relief solutions. With the help of a Scarborough, ME Lyme Clinic SKMS developed a formula found highly effective for years by hundreds.

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From roaming pains, to anxiety, to seizures and migraines, Lyme can be a weird set of symptoms to chase, but calming the nervous system seems to be the key.

It took SKMS years to refine the CherryWine strain and the processing but results of relief are consistent and effective across a wide range of patients for many years.

Even severe seizures have been documented almost entirely reduced with proper dosage frequency and far more successfully than provided by any pharmaceutical option.

Have questions? Send them along to us on the Contact Us page!

My last diagnostic cap was the best ever, almost zero recordable seizures and no observable ones, that's after years of trying every pharma option they could stuff into me.
- Jenn in Woolwich ME

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