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Lyme, parasitic infection symptoms and relief

causing flu like symptoms that can range from physical to mental and can be severe, often eluding diagnosis. #lymedoctors found relief for their #lymedisease patients in SKMS #wholeplantcbdcapsules

Starting in 2016 a local Lyme clinic and area doctors began referring numerous clients with advanced Lyme, Babesia and Anaplasmosis infections, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe, including severe pain management and pediatric seizures.

With regular feedback from clients on the success of their symptom relief, SKMS worked through three popular CBD dominant cannabis strains, and then four generations of refinement to the one found most effective. Testimonials revealed success: dramatic if not complete reduction of seizures, relief to mental health challenges, roaming inflammation and fevers substantial enough to enable patient healing.


"my last cap diagnostic test was 4 hours and recorded no experienced and almost no recordable seizures. That's the best yet after all the pharma

I've been prescribed, and was only on the SKMS capsules."

-Jen D. Woolwich Maine


Parasitic infections can be elusive to diagnose, and often an original tick bite isn't observed. One Lyme Doctor SKMS worked with would send blood tests until a positive was recorded, as a positive is a positive, and another negative is just a 'false negative' if the patient does have the infection. Often, the most troublesome parasitic infections seem to be the hardest to get a positive blood test on. Real Lyme tests are usually sent to a lab in California called IGeneX, and very few hospitals have the real test. The test commonly used is an antibody response, not an actual documentation of Lyme spirochete in the blood.


"of all the pharma I've been subscribed and canna I've tried the SKMS CherryWine CBD capsules are not only the only thing that has really worked, but the only med that has worked every time the same way"

Heather, Concord New Hampshire-


The good news is symptom relief and working with Lyme knowledgeable docs. sometimes using antibiotics, sometimes homeopathic approaches, controlling sugar intakes and improving diet and exercise slowly, SKMS clients have all observed significant improvement or substantial healing.

SKMS staff would also note almost every Multiple Sclerosis client met was rediagnosed as actually having advanced and chronic Lyme Infections, presenting as MS symptoms. Pretty significant because some if not most of the MS prescribed medications are not much fun according to client reports.

Keep up the healing, there is a safer way. Its called your own Endocannabinoid System, it just needs some proper fuel, fashioned just for your healing and symptom relief needs!

Best wishes on your health journey!

RCM Co. Staff

Feb. 19, 2024


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