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Landrace Cannabis & Bio-simulation

What is bio-simulation and what does it have to do with Landrace Cannabis?

"simulation of biological processes..."

Production Cannabis businesses in the U.S. almost entirely can be counted on for a few things inside their doors under the lights: modern strains, sterile grow environments, and fixed environmental variables- lights that turn off or on, static temperature, humidity and barometric pressures.

Landrace cannabis strains have long been avoided by the same recreational and medicinal cannabis industries throughout the U.S. due to the immense difficulty in production consistency, the likelihood of seeded crops and other variables making modern hybrids a far more secure investment.

As written in another RCM Blog titled What Is A Landrace and Why? (link below) S.K.M.S. earliest med production stumbled onto the consistency Landrace strains could provide over modern hybrids in terms of specific symptom relief options, but as explained, these strains generally do not conform to modern grow practices.

What S.K.M.S. realized was the disconnect between what geographically isolated, strains expected as environmental cues versus what modern grow practices, really an extreme oversimplification of the cannabis plants world wide - or environment wide, growing experiences, actually provided. It was noticed for example, that certain equatorial strains didn't seem to respond much to actual light deprivation, but would start flowering when repeatedly drowned as in a Monsoon season starting.


what are the major factors of bio-simulation?

temperature & temperature change

light & light spectrum changes

air flow & air flow changes

barometric pressure changes

humidity levels



The actual adaption of modern grow tools and technology to the practice of simulating expected environmental variables in a timed and sequenced fashion, and the knowledge content required of the actual cannabis genetics can be extremely time consuming, and not readily accessible. Plants can be elusive, or perhaps humans don't think like plants as well as we'd like. Never the less the benefits provided in S.K.M.S. products symptom relief consistency justify the additional effort.

These environmental cues do more than simply enable growing strains which conventional cannabis growing methods could not. Temperature changes expand and contract materials. Terpenes will change with barometric pressures. Cannabinoid profiles respond to cold weather cycles. Numerous environmental factors can enable the cannabis plant to provide its best medicine. We feel that it is important to not pursue a specific outcome other than consistency and results, such as pursuing environmental factors which could increase a certain cannabinoid content. Environmental simulation is intended to provide the cannabis plant with its expectations, that it may express its truest genetic and cannabinoid profiles.

We hope S.K.M.S. meds have helped your health journey! Learn more at the other RCM CO. Blogs!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 31, 2023


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