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savings for chronic symptom management and self healing insights! #symptomspecific #wholeplantmedicine #healyourselfsafely #symptomrelief #endocannabinoidhealing


SKMS has manufactured millions of wholeplant symptom relief capsules and chocolates since 2014, and given thousands away to patients in need. RCM Co. and SKMS continue this tradition of giving back to those in need with really awesome savings on combined purchase options, and even with savings on top of those!

SKMS and RCM Co. Staff know the challenges of illness or symptom management are enough, and helping with the costs can help a lot! Save money and know others do care!

And learn cool and helpful wholeplant medicine facts that can help you on your health journey!

Have questions about your health journey and which SKMS products can best relieve your symptoms?

Ask the Healthcare educating expert CEU staff at SKMS! You can also call M-F 8am-Noon EST. Office: 207.544.6744

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RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine June 6th, 2024

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