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“I just give out bandaids”

health professionals hit the wall with ‘fix me’

Healthcare professionals of all kinds are finding more than the American Healthcare system a source of immense discouragement.

As one private practitioner in Maine succinctly summarized, “it’s like being a mechanic for a drunk race car driver and they just keep coming back all stove up and asking why is my car broken?”.

Physical or mental it’s often the same story- a losing battle for those tasked with putting the pieces back together. “Often I am just a sponge for human emotional damage control” one Southern Maine health practitioner explained. “At some point I’ll be saturated too. People need to take responsibility for the other aspects of their life that influence mental health. I can’t make them eat better, exercise, choose healthier relationship or sleep habits, and until then we cannot make progress … as a culture we know how to be healthy- we just choose not to, we are a culture of consumption”

American culture’s interest in health, only as a last resort to drowning in illness, is more than an obstacle to the nation's well being, as evidenced by epic levels of illness and obesity. Cultural standards drive a profiteering and predatory healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industry as well regulatory bodies guiding them, which not only enables the continued cultural behavior, but feeds and encourages it exponentially.

What’s the solution?

Years ago the British assessed that pharmaceutical head meds had a propensity to cause IBS and digestive issues, resulting in disengagement of the Enteric Nervous system and resultant increased mental health challenges.

Subsequently it was recommended that head meds only be prescribed in case of “demonstrated risk” of self injury, and not for more than 60-90 days and the patient must transfer to alternate treatment forms such as therapy.

The patient was directed to participate in the healing.

The doorway of Enabling is a first step towards an resolution. Doctors have complained for years of patients who when notified their diabetes was amendable, chose prescription management instead. This crucial step of enabling, fueled by a healthcare system which is financed by pharmaceutical profiteering is a point of needed change.

Healthcare insurance plans have offered allowances for proactive and alternative health investment for years now, so perhaps the tide of awareness is beginning to turn. Hopefully the public can pick up some of its own weight on the tug of war with health in America before our health practitioners’ stamina wanes.

And perhaps, this is one of Canna’s larger impacts, to raise awareness of the body’s ability to heal itself, and to unravel the lie that is modern better living thru chemistry pharmaceuticals- the untruth that we must purchase our health from the system, and that we humans do- singularly, have the greatest control of our own health, ourselves.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland ME May 9th, 2024

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