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how to help the skeptics: cancer relief and more

kinda like horses and water, you can't lead a human to healing, but you can let them try it.

We've had a lot of chronic illness family members brought to us over the years, who had Nancy Reagan burned in the brain, like a lot of us do, and were pretty resistant to plant medicine alternatives. We've found, if you can get them to try it, the relief provided also provides the convincing that its a safe and effective alternative, and that it sure beats feeling like crud.

We ship FREE samples five days a week. Severe Pain relief, Chronic Illness symptom relief, Nausea relief, and inflammation reduction. Just drop us a note, or order them right from the menu...... FREE.

Have a Chronic Illness Diagnosis? Send us a picture of it and get the Buy One Get One Free on TWO Chronic Illness 60 Count Bottles and ONE Severe Pain Relief Bottle.

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RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine

Providing CG Services Across Maine and Beyond Since 2014 Healthcare Expert CEU Educator

Co. Cell: 207.671.8387

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