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How They're Made: SKMS capsules

We won't share all the secrets, but we will share just how genuinely amazing SKMS capsule manufacturing is, and how a plant is transformed into a powder.

All SKMS Capsule Formulas start as Landrace Cannabis Plants growing in living soil that hasn't changed in years, without the use of bottled nutrients or other modern growing techniques. Just soil microbes, filtered air and water, light and natural soil nutrients.

A wide variety of cannabis strains are grown, providing an even wider range of potential symptom relief performances. This variety of carefully selected ancient strains most importantly provides unusually consistent performance result options, and is the result of decades of seed collecting by members of SKMS.

For more on what Landrace strains are, how they're connected to the Israeli Cannabis research, why SKMS selected them for medicine, or why they were found exceptionally useful, you can find our article about Landraces here:

Almost all parts of the plants are utilized in SKMS' dozen plus medicinal recipes, including different parts at different times. Cannabis plants and their profiles change during their life cycle, offering additionally varied performances, or symptom relief options.

Cannabis plant materials are harvested, dried and cured carefully, each according to their intended use, or what kind of formula they will be a part of.

Once dried to a desired humidity level, cured and processed for different recipe purposes, different cannabis plant ingredients are emulsified in coconut oil using a proprietary process developed over millions of capsules and thousands of pounds of premium and rare landrace cannabis.

Using only heat, water and coconut oil, plant oils are separated carefully from plant material, in a manner carefully respectful of the desired cannabinoid profile results. Heat, time and motion alter Cannabinoid profiles, and generally the more heat applied the less effective bonded cannabinoids become. If plant oils are subjected to certain conditions or an excess of cumulative heat, cannabinoid bonds may be broken, rendering absorption and performance compromised.

Using a proprietary process developed at SKMS, this organic coconut oil based concentrate is then turned into a uniform 100% plant-powder using organic Sunflower Seed.. This powder is processed or 'screened' to regulate absorption, consistency and weight of final product dosages, and to match standard U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturing regulations.

Once micron screened to uniformity, SKMS powders are final mixed, tested, and encapsulated into their corresponding colored U.S. manufactured certified Pharmaceutical grade capsules, and stored frozen until packaged and shipped for orders customer orders.

SKMS formulas originate as a 28 million year old plant, which has a 12,000 year familial history and at least a 4800 year medicinal history with humans, which has no potential of cellular harm and no history of unsafe use. These compounds are secured with great care, craftsmanship, knowledge and medicinal understanding, to serve the health of our clients.

The testimonials truly belong to the plant.

Best wishes on your health journey!

RCM Staff

Jan. 3rd, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

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