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how S.K.M.S. sleep chocolates are made

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

years of testimonials of the best sleep and most consistent performing insomnia solution product ever tried, but what makes them work so well? some of the secrets behind S.K.M.S. Sleep Chocolates

In S.K.M.S. early years working with many combat vet opiate cessation and PTSD recovery journeys, we learned the value of Landrace cannabis strains.

We found that modern hybrids were nearly useless as predictable medicine, and often yielded very different results not just from person to person, but from day to day with the same people.

Growing up in coastal Maine, some of the S.K.M.S. staff had been exposed to the wonders of native landrace cannabis strains smuggled from around the world by local fishermen for decades, and we couldn't help but include our love for these traditional strains in the flower crops S.K.M.S. grew. And the we noticed a remarkable feature.

Landrace strains produced very consistent results to the same symptoms. Sometimes they would perform differently, but generally in reaction to a different symptom. So, we spent a lot of time, energy and money, collecting what we had from our own resources, and sourcing the best true original actually native landrace seeds from ancient cultures around the world. Not an easy task.

From these seeds we grew countless crops, consumed by hundreds if not thousands of peoples, and collected their feedback. Strains were identified for their performances and put to task. This is where the source of the sleepy comes from in S.K.M.S. chocolates- the sleepiest strains we could find from around the world.

S.K.M.S. uses only organic naturally refined coconut oil and water in processing these cannabis materials, using temperature and time recipes and methods honed by thousands of batches and the resultant client performance feedback. After a while, the cooks don't really need to know why something works, just how something works, and how to repeat that process consistently batch after batch to bring that precious sleep to your pillows.

Following careful concentration of plant oils and a gentle processing of the resultant concentration this oil is blended with chocolate and other natural ingredients to aid absorption, tempered and poured into standard Chocolate Truffle molds, chilled, wrapped in Food Grade Foil Wraps, boxed and shrink wrapped, to be headed to aid your happy ZZzzzzzzzs!

The result is a natural sleep inducer, that works with the endocannabinoid system, reminding the body of what it really needs. Providing inflammation and pain relief the S.K.M.S. Sleep Chocolates actually offer a lot more than just a good rest, they provide a solid dose of Endocannabinoid System healing.

Available in 10 Count Chocolate Truffle packs, 1 Chocolate is sufficient to make most of us feel very sleepy within a couple of hours (best taken after dinner or 1-2 hours before bed). For really tough anxiety, pain management or severe PTSD cases sometimes 2 chocolates are needed.

When we think about how many of these chocolates have been consumed since 2014, it makes us realize how many good nights sleep happened and what a difference that made to so many lives (not just theirs!) and their worlds! Sleep heals!!

Send questions any time by text, email or we have call in hours Mondays- Fridays 8AM to Noon EST. Get some sleep, its awesome!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

March 27th, 2023

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