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how clean are your canna meds?

most plant extraction is done with solvents or CO2, learn more in today's news.


In the early years of the Maine Medical Cannabis industry, long before there was Recreational Cannabis in the Northeast or even stores, SKMS was asked by a notable Falmouth, Maine based doctor, to receive pediatric seizure cases.

And that is when the idle, back of the mind concern over the actual safety of common solvents in America, those labeled food grade, became a very different animal for SKMS Staff.

It unfortunately has become common for labels such as 'organic' or 'food grade' to denote adhering to a Regulator required process, and not actually to be what we tend to think of- as a stamp of guaranteed quality.

This concern was solidified by a call from a certified "organic food grade high content alcohol" manufacturer, who tactfully volunteered that he definitely could not assure us that the products labeled "organic" had not been sourced from corn fields fed plenty of pesticides in widespread use on American Farm Land, and linked repeatedly to cancer and serious health issues.

The thought of the potential of harming a kid while arresting their seizures was catalyzing.

Subsequently SKMS released its water and coconut oil only processed powdered version of RSO, which had been in the works for more than two years. This eliminated the potential of pesticide concentration in final products, and fortunately both outperformed and out tested previous versions of SKMS' traditional encapsulated alcohol reduced RSO.

A primary concern of health minded consumers, especially those who are already struggling to regain biological and systemic balance, is product safety, and possible contaminants which can really aggravate a sensitive system.

Ethanol, Grain Alcohols and other solvents produced in America face this challenge of pesticides which evaporate over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making their removal impossible without destroying product efficacy.

SKMS Powdered RSO Capsules

CO2, an alternate and common large production extraction method, often thought of as inherently safer, can be prohibitively expensive in its healthcare or food grade form. Industrial refills can commonly contain other gases as well as compressor oils and other mechanical debris. The two standards are independent and purposeful, industrial not intended for processing of ingested or consumed materials.

Confirming the safety of many consumer products is becoming harder and harder, but this is a leading priority of consumers pursuing health or symptom relief.

SKMS remains dedicated to continual investigation and pursuit of product purity. Its not a company line, its more like a terror of the reality of the potentials of the Hippocratic Oath, and never wanting to taint the name of cannabis healing. It is an amazing thing.

And one of the lessons this long strange journey has taught SKMS Staff is, there is always an 'even better'.


Portland Maine June 18th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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