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How Cannabis Ends Cancer

Chemo kills all cells. Cannabis triggers only cancer cell to terminate themselves, without side effects. See how.

Watch a healthcare educational video with the youtube link below to learn just how much safer and often more effective real wholeplant medicines can be. From the mouths of healthcare themselves.

In the decade SKMS has been in operation we've witnessed countless cancer remissions of many types and stages. Maine Oncology staff inform us, SKMS products have likely contributed to more cancer success stories than several area hospitals combined.

We've also witnessed many heart breaking stories of succumbing to chemotherapy side effects, and much of our work has also been managing end of life symptoms directly caused by modern healthcare treatments.

Modern cancer treatments, quite simply, very literally, attempt to destroy the body in the hope that the cancer stops and the good cells survive.

If modern treatment had more 'positive patient outcomes' it might be different.

But based on years of client relations, the feedback we most often hear, is questioning the value of the diminished quality of life relative to the difficulty and pain of modern treatments, and viewing it less and less as a viable alternative. Where is the Hippocratic Oath in many modern treatments?


"These are the products that have been keeping this stage 4 patient alive! I’m proud to say that the 6 month expiration date that doctors gave me passed 4 months ago. I really feel as if these products saved/saving my life."

U.S. Marine Veteran, North Carolina "Big Daddy Roughneck"


All cells have a predetermined expiration date. The endocannabinoid system simply makes that expiration day, today, if a cell is unhealthy. Its that simple. The button is pushed on cancerous cells, and they wash out of the body. No side effects. The body grows a new cell. That's it.

Think natural medicine is expensive? check the copay cost for the band aid at your last blood test

We have call in hours M-F 8AM-Noon for any questions, and support each person's personal health journey. We welcome the opportunity to share knowledge no matter what your or a loved ones personal health choices may be. Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing the knowledge.

Ancient healing ways unleashed by the explanations of modern science.....

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

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