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have you spotted the chicken and egg?

the advantage of SKMS meds, is this isn't their first rodeo. #symptomrelief #cannascience

There are lots of over the counter and prescribed products which mask symptoms like insomnia or anxiety, but don't really help the problem. The very special benefit of SKMS #cannameds is the environment in which they were developed.

SKMS capsules and chocolate meds were developed under the Maine Medical Cannabis program starting in 2014.

The survival of the company in that very competitive market depended on products' repeated success.

If the products didn't work, clients would not repurchase them, and SKMS and the RealCannabisMedicineCo. would not be here.

Those hundreds of clients providing weekly feedback also enabled products to be refined and become better and better.

So, back to the Chicken & Egg thing...

We can chase symptoms, but that's kind of like pouring more oil in the engine instead of fixing the leak.

Have you noticed that anxiety is usually worse when we are really tired? Or that it is harder to think clearly? Maybe that you feel a bit more emotional when exhausted?

And then, you probably noticed that it can be harder to get to sleep when there's a lot on your mind. Yep, there's the chicken and egg. Need less anxiety to sleep. Need more sleep to have less anxiety.

We got you.

well, actually your own endocannabinoid system has you covered, or maybe mother nature, or your creator, but this is not your mammalian genetic's first tour with stress and sleep management. It just needs a little fuel!

And that's where we got you.

Its called evidenced based research. A whole lot of canna experience lead us to a whole lot of feedback from a whole lot of people for a bunch of years and we figured out recipes that work for... you guessed it, Anxiety and Sleep.

And they work day and night after night, without addiction, by gently rebooting your neural pathways back to the healthy normal your endocannabinoid system wants you to have. Just needs a little fuel. Stop any time, but they won't stop working.

Always discuss with your doctor before ceasing a medication or combining medications. Benzodiazepines are capable of increased side effects when metabolized in conjuction with cannabinoids, so don't do that. Typically can cause but not limited to extreme disorientation or vertigo. Best to slowly wean of Benzodiazepines with a doctors direction in our patient consult experience, but the right cannabinoids can help set you straight right away.


"the best thing about the anxiety capsules is the number of people who call up after a few months saying 'omg I just realized I forgot to take them, like four days ago, am I alright?' and I ask 'do you feel alright?' and they say 'yes, fine, that's why I forgot to take them'. And the answer: 'isn't the endocannabinoid system cool?!? You don't need meds- you found your way back' and they have that moment where they realize they were both people, but they fixed themselves and their not dependent..."

SKMS Staff, Portland Maine


Want to know more? Have questions? The nationally accredited expert Staff at SKMS and RealCannabisMedicineCo. can help!

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