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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Cancer & Severe Pain Relief: Free Samples, Just send Addresses!

2-Count Travel Pack Samples of the SKMS Fed Exempt Severe Pain Relief and Original Chronic Illness Formula are available for the first time!

It took a while to get the packaging and labelling for these but the SKMS Kitchen has been assembling boxes full of them all week, ready for shipping out to 45 states as FREE Samples!

In the ten years of SKMS operations, we repeatedly found that we should stop talking and just give samples out. Once people try the samples, regardless of their skepticism from any viewpoint, they tend to gain huge confidence.

When diagnostics improve weeks later, they tend to begin a new relationship with ancient healing methods and plant medicine. And not really so ancient in a lot of ways, given that most of our modern drugs are based on plant medicine recipes that were in common drug store use up until the early 1900s- even the synthetic opiates which ruin so many lives today.

So if you have friends or family battling cancer symptoms, opiate addiction or in need of a healthier severe pain management, feel free to forward this email, or to send us an address and a samples request. Please alert the recipient of the mailing, and tell us anything that might be helpful about what kinds of samples to send.

Help spread the word that there are real effective and safer alternatives, that aren't really even so alternative- they have been with the human race for thousands of years. Its kind of more like we are refinding what we already learned, knew and forgot.

Reach out any time, we look forward to sharing options with your friends or family afar!

Best wishes on your health journeys!

RCM Staff

Portland Maine

Feb. 28, 2023

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