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exactly how Cannabis KILLS Cancer. EXACTLY how.

Watch Dr. Erik Johnson explain in video below. The science is well understood, and even Pharma research now seeks what plant meds can do: prompt the body to heal itself.

Dr. Johnson explains how conventional treatment attempts to eradicate cancer by killing cancer cells, but instead kills cells nearly indiscriminately, seriously damaging the body and causing lasting side effects, side effects which often shorten life expectancy.

Cannabis uniquely, but not unlike other plant medicines, prompts the body to instead identify and safely "flush" cells which have strayed from their intended genetic expression, without damage to other cells or systems. The body quite literally, heals itself, often by SKMS experience, far quicker and with much greater safety than chemotherapy.

In SKMS' manufacturing history under the Maine Medical program it has become common to supply SKMS Chronic Illness relief Capsules to cancer patients working within the healthcare industry as healthcare professionals, often even within oncology departments. In the last two years more than a few notable New England doctors have utilized SKMS products in place of conventional treatment and achieved positive patient outcomes.

Clearly more science is needed, but the science of how cannabis and the endocannabinoid system effects cancer is well understood, and demonstrated consistently enough to garner both the respect of modern healthcare, and healthcare leaders themselves as consumers.

RCM has call in hours Monday - Friday 8AM to Noon EST for cancer patient questions, and staff regularly answer text and email questions from existing clients and those seeking more knowledge on the subjects of alternative health.

Feel free to reach out with questions.

Best wishes on your health journey!

RCM Staff

Portland Maine Dec. 29, 2022

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