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EXACTLY HOW Canna Kills Cancer

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Chemo kills all cells. Canna only kills cancer. Ever wonder how?

Learn how amazing cannabis' cancer reduction performance is, how it fuels the body's own systems to identify, terminate and flush unhealthy cells at an accelerated rate.

Likely with respect to a medical license, this healthcare professional qualifies and defends modern treatments, but is quick to point out the substantial safety advantages and more effective mechanisms of cannabis' and the endocannabinoid system's ancient cancer reduction efficacy in comparison to conventional healthcare treatments.

SKMS staff have worked with hundreds of cancer patients since 2014. Until 2017 staff qualified canna medicine's performance and a patient's personal choice to adopt conventional chemo treatments similarly to the legal statements made under the video post.

After achieving remarkable recoveries with many tough multiple tumor cases, only to watch patients later succumb to modern treatment side effects, is and was, to say the least, frustrating and heart breaking, only consoled by the additional time gained and suffering eased. Many if not most of SKMS remission cases which worked additionally with modern treatments, transformed to severe pain management cases.

SKMS staff would also note the number of healthcare professionals, as well as their steadily increasing number, seeking SKMS medicines while foregoing all conventional treatments, adopting diagnostic testing only. Some of these have been oncology professionals- the very people administering the conventional treatments in healthcare settings. Other healthcare professionals have been return cancers, in which it became clear to the patient that modern medicines not only carried serious risk, but had questionable efficacy.

Whatever a person's personal health decision, SKMS has always supported chronic illness patients with priority delivery and shipping, wholesale discounts, tens of thousands of dollars of donations annually, and dosage guidance support available by phone, text and email.

In general, SKMS patient work over the years found Rick Simpson's original findings to be a good dosage guide to symptom management, treatment side effect symptom management, and for endocannabinoid healing.

SKMS recommends to begin with one Blue/Blue Original Chronic Illness Formula capsule by day, and one Purple/Purple Severe Pain Formula by night.

Steadily increase the frequency of dosage (take one capsule more and more often) until sleeping approximately 16 hours in every 24, and physical symptoms have largely subsided.

It is common, in SKMS client experience, after achieving this sleep and dosage threshold, and maintaining continually for a period of weeks to months, for healthcare diagnostics to begin recording improvements which do not concur with modern healthcare's expectations of the patient's progressing health status.

It is the experience of clients and staff at SKMS that dosage and sleep thresholds should be maintained until healthcare deems a person free of diagnostic findings, possibly including blood content testing and imaging tests. Dosage and sleep should be maintained beyond this health assessment at a tapered rate, typically for several months, with continual diagnostic assessment of any changes.

Health changes, such as diet and living habit overhauls, should be maintained. A healthier status is not license to make the same mistakes. We're all human. We all learn, slowly and the hard way is also a human trait. The mammalian body generally does not generate cancer on its own, so its good to avoid whatever got us in this spot to begin with. Keep up the healthy living, avoid the toxins in all forms. Toxic food, toxic air, toxic living.

These serious systemic conditions are amazingly common in today's world. It would be good to heed the advice of healthcare thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra and others, who have long preached simple concepts that have real meaning to this kind of healing. "Seek the diagnosis, not the prognosis" as Chopra says- embrace diagnostic information, modern healthcare has amazing tools. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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Adopting modern healthcare's tools does not require us to buy what is being sold after. It is, clearly, a well designed sales routine. As health thought leaders preach, seek the cause of unhealth, remove the cause, enable healing, duct tape is not a cure, and a perceived cure that causes irreparable harm is not one.

There are no quick fixes, just slow steady healing. The road to unhealth was long and slow, the road to wellness maybe somewhat quicker, but its not a button anyone can push.

A doctor SKMS worked with in the early years of the Maine MJ program, formerly of the VA, had a great educational routine on the endocannabinoid system's cellular healing and cleaning performance abilities.

He would pretend to act like a young child, which was particularly humorous given his very large stature, explaining that the cancer causing effects of the sun have increased and decreased hugely in humanity's history, that we have drunk water full of metals causing cellular mutations, that for thousands of years our cells have been pushed to be unhealthy and spread erroneous DNA.. but modern healthcare has only been around for a few decades.. how did we ever survive?!

He would continue by pointing out that the wildlife walking around the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster site are clearly not experiencing mass cellular mutations- because they have an endocannabinoid system, same as us, cleaning damaged cells at an accelerated rate. "There was life before healthcare". And millions of years of biology and evolution have already encountered these challenges. And despite the odds, here we are.

It may be another case of the emperor wears no clothes....

SKMS and RCM Staff

January 13, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

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