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Energy Drink Powder NEW from SKMS innovations!

Updated: Mar 17

Another first ever, Real Whole Plant Cannabis Medicine oils in water soluble powder.

And of course, we had to do the Landrace Sativa Energy Formula first!

Just dump, shake and drink!!

"OMG, this is amazing. Starbucks isn't getting another dollar from me unless its to mix the SKMS powder into. I feel great, motivated, clear and focused. Wow! Thank you!!"

-Jill in South Portland ME

The same water only Zero Processed Powder SKMS has made into capsules for years, now engineered into a water soluble drink powder!

Plant oils don't really dissolve into water but the innovators at SKMS figured out a way!

Just mix a teaspoon or two into your drink, stir or shake and drink! Fast acting clear motivating energy, straight from mother nature!

Want to be some of the first to order it before its on the menu? Click below and tell us!

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