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Do SKMS products help sleep?

Over 100K Sleep Chocolates and nearly as many in the almost new Recharge Sleep Formula capsules, almost entirely to repeat customers, seems to say yes.

Even according to the regretfully admitting national sleep foundation "cannabis appears to improve sleep in certain cases. For people with certain conditions such as chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and multiple sclerosis, cannabis may help them fall asleep faster, wake up less during the night, and enjoy better sleep quality overall".

Recently it was found that the Cannabinoid CBN is not directly associated with sleep induction, but certainly by our experience, associated with its occurrence. It's likely a cocktail of Cannabinoids best contribute to sleep inducing formulas, which has enabled SKMS' results driven recipe research to formulate solutions that work.

But working once is not uncommon with sleep aids, while SKMS products are known for their consistent performance, night after night. The SKMS crew and many of its wholesale distributors are nightly consumers themselves; and swear by the results.

This is partly thanks to the endocannabinoid system itself, and it's direct link to systemic controls. Also key- true whole plant medicine formats which absorb consistently, not just day after day, but year after year.

Sleep is literally the foundation of both physical and mental health, and without enough of it we literally cannot be mentally balanced. Sleep reduces inflammation and restores systemic balances.

Unfortunately scientific research into cannabis as a sleep aid is hopelessly lost in isolating results from single Cannabinoids, negated by the interactions of multiple Cannabinoids and the futility of single Cannabinoid medicine relative to cannabis hypermesis and chemical sensitivity to isolated molecules. Beyond the limitations of isolated molecule analysis- the marketing driven, paid results nature of modern science. Objective truth seeking rarely if ever pays for scientific research.

Per the Israeli cannabis research, SKMS collected ancient Landrace strains with consistent performances and blended, cooked and concentrated for specific effects- sleepiness, and refined these recipes with the weekly feedback of hundreds of clients to achieve consistent results- products that provided consistent sound sleep, night after night.

So have a couple Recharge capsules or a Sleep Chocolate and thank us in the morning! As affordable as pharma and whole lot better for you!

Best wishes on your health journey!

RCM Staff

Portland ME since 2014

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