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We love helping humans, but there's another close to our hearts...

With a long history of working dogs patrolling property around our grow facilities, and life long relationships with working Shepherds, we've learned a thing or two about cannabis and K9 Pain relief.

All mammals have endocannabinoid systems, and just like humans, the first step to pain relief is generally inflammation reduction, cannabis' leading benefit.

We've found K9s absorb the cannabinoid profile differently than humans, and tend to get a longer relief performance curve from a similar dose, as their digestive systems work differently than ours.

The soon to be released K9 Pain Relief Dog Biscuits formula is based on thousands of capsule doses- not very tasty compared to a biscuit, and almost all voluntary based on the K9's own experience and selection choice.

These biscuits are readily absorbable and made of natural and organic ingredients. Unlike isolated CBD products they will continue to absorb and provide the same relief, day after day. Unlike prescribed veterinary pain killers, these can also be used long term to manage chronic pain.

If you'd like to be notified when SKMS K9 Pain Relief Biscuits are ready to mail,

click the button below and drop us a note!

Hear it from our clients

"Our lab was diagnosed with cancer and was really sick. Wouldn't get up. I started feeding him the SKMS capsules. Few weeks later he was literally like a puppy again, cancer virtually gone. They work." Troy in Turner, Maine "we had a daughter of a World Champion German shepherd who would fight you for those SKMS Purple pills if you dropped one on the ground, not kidding, she had arthritis bad from a lot of climbing, did almost all of the 48 4000'ers several times in her life. Pink- not so much once the pain got tough, but she'd take one if it was just sitting there. But if an SKMS Purple capsule hit the ground, different story... she'd look at you like 'you will die weak human, get out of my way'. Have the scars to prove it, for real. Apparently those things work." SKMS Staff in Portland, Maine 'Been feeding the SKMS capsules, one a day, to our lab for years. Lyme and arthritis symptoms markedly better with daily consumption." Cindy in Poland, Maine "when are you going to bring back the dog biscuits?? capsules work but they were great!" Jenn in Gorham, Maine

What really keeps the SKMS and RCM Co. wheels turning day after day, in this crazy industry we call cannabis and alternative health, is the number of amazing health journeys we get to be a part of.

The opportunity to help a whole bunch of K9s have a better day, makes us happy.

We hope it can help your four legged friend, sleep a little better, or play a little longer. Coming soon in very affordable 10 and 20 count biscuit bags! Send questions anytime. SKMS and RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

March 16, 2023

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