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Clinical Trial of Cannabidiol for Anxiety

"the very first study looking at a wholeplant, high CBD, full spectrum product in patients with moderate to severe anxiety.."

Prescriptions taken within the range of recommended dosages are a fourth leading cause of death in America. Side effects listed on even the safer pharmaceutical anxiety medications may leave one wondering when healthcare departed from the do-no-harm oath.

Cannabinoid formulas immediate advantage is certainly safety, possible even healthy, given that research pages are also filled with studies with titles such as "cancer: the endocannabinoid deficiency" and our more modern understanding that our body's actually depend on cannabinoids for proper health management, from a cellular to a systemic level.

There will certainly be numerous alternative canna anxiety relief products hitting the market in time. The questions is for the consumer seeking solutions is, are they effective, and what makes one alternative medicine more effective, or even safer than another?

Our major concern with outdoor grown hemp is the huge propensity for toxin content concentrated in the soil, further concentrated to scary levels in extracts or wholeplant concentrations.

Much of Maine's soil, and much of the U.S. and the heartland's soil especially, is polluted with high levels of pesticides and other toxins known not just to retard healing, but to cause illness, some even the subject of regular lawsuits.

Hemp and cannabis unfortunately, is very good at absorbing these toxins out of the soil. Good for cleaning soil, bad for making medicine. Toxin screening and safe soil is key, and eliminates much of the potential and existing CBD based products available, only based on safety.

SKMS focus while developing an anxiety relief product in answer to repeated requests for years, was to return to the methodology of SKMS products' roots, and a base of theory that stood on the shoulders of the Israeli Canna Research.

So, we sourced the best anxiety relieving strains we could find in the world- and wow did we find some good ones. Not surprisingly these strains came from some of the most and longest running stressful areas of the world.

Not surprisingly, because, for those into plant medicine research, plants have been documented repeatedly, kind of twilight zone-ish at times- taking care of their neighbors, plants and mammals, by producing their neighbors' medical needs, and additionally, over generations of people and plants, humans provide selective breeding, by selecting the genetic expressions which best match their instinctual health or mental health needs over time.

To these strains sourced from the other side of the globe, we added our own Cherry Wine Strain phenotype, which had been honed over a few years to have an unusually consistent reduction effect on seizures, and blended, cooked and refined the formula until we found a recipe that provided that long smooth grounded feeling that is far from the fight or flight response, attentive and calm, but without sleepiness.

Karachi Mountains, Silk Road, Pakistan

After all, when creating a formula for anxiety relief, It is not just lack of anxiety we all want, we want to feel and to be connected, aware, calm and ok with it all, a sense of grounding. There's a lot to creating a formula which works for a wide variety of people and works well, but, as the countless testimonials and repeat purchases testify, plant medicine can work excellently, and much safer and more effectively than most people's experience with pharmaceutical options.

It is not uncommon for SKMS Anxiety med patients to stop all medications at some point. All about rewriting those neural pathways, finding newer healthier ways of being and living. Heal ourselves, find our way back, heal the mind change the body....

Best wishes on your health journey!

SKMS and RCM Staff

January 12, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

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