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chronic illness daytime symptoms relief

are days different than nights? we're bringing the past back to help #chronicillness #symptomrelief #daytimesymptomrelief #cancer #lymedisease #painrelief

Would more control of dosage help your daytime awareness? Maybe you're a Mom who needs to keep up with fast changes of little ones, or a keeping a job that you needs you on point, and that full blown symptom relief is a bit too much sometimes?

Or maybe just a little more micro control of dosage would be great? As we often recommend, increase frequency of dosage, before increasing dosage itself, and smaller doses are the easiest way to do that.

So we're bringing a blast from the past back, the original Rick Simpson Chronic Illness Formula 0.5mL, or half dosage, capsules, in 24 and 60 count bottles.

If you live in Maine SKMS has a current special going on including delivery of a FREE 24 count Bottle of the LIGHT BLUE 0.5mL capsules with a purchase of any Blue or Purple Bottle. You can message us below to place a delivery order.

And look for the Light Blue Capsules coming soon to the menu. If you'd like to be first in the line of orders filled, drop us a note from the button above!

The Original Chronic Illness Formula is commonly used to relieve Cancer or Cancer Treatment Side Effects, but is as commonly a go to for certain pain relief, some sleep assistance and a very large list of chronic illness associated symptoms of a wide variety. If you'd like to learn more about cannabinoids could assist relief of symptoms of your specific condition, just drop us a note, share some insight and ask us some questions, we're glad to share the ancient plant healing knowledge!

Send questions any time! Best Wishes on your Health Journey!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

Call or Text: 207.671.8387


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