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CBN for sleep? Fiction not Fact

Inconvenient truth to marketing, based on Scientific Research, CBN cannot be a primary sleep inducer. But how can we get quality safe sleep from canna?

Cannabis marketing has long claimed Cannabinol (CBN), a Cannabinoid produced by the degradation of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While anyone who has smoked old school Maine "woodstove dried" weed or some overcooked ganja brownies can attest to the relationship between THC degradation by heat exposure and sleepiness- this may be where fact and fiction diverge.

It appears that CBN, is another case of "though fast cars are often red, all red vehicles are not fast", or just more wishful thinking by eager marketing. CBN does occur when THC is exposed to a net excess of heat degradation, and the same material will become noticeably sleepier. However, while both these events occur, they are apparently not as related as we might find convenient.

The Kyushu University in Japan found that more than 8 times the amount of CBN was required to produce the same brain chemistry sleep effect as THC. In other studies THC has been combined with CBN and compared with Placebos and CBN to no improvement. And additionally been demonstrated that there is very little mechanism by which CBN could cause sleep.

Complicating all cannabinoid research is the profound difference between isolated compounds used for research and the actual results produced by real wholeplant cannabis medicines such as Rick Simpson Oil, Cannabutter or raw cannabis, with their originally bonded cannabinoids. Secondary and Tertiary interactions, even dozen long cannabinoid chains, produce more complex, even completely different results, and are not subject to the variably unpredictable limited absorption of unnaturally occurring molecules meeting the digestive lining.

The challenge to testing is in the apparent impossibility of isolating single variables with multiple compounds bonded together. This is unfortunately the same stumbling block which in part prompted the better living thru chemistry pharma movement in the 20th century, which we now understand to have profound safety and efficacy limitations in actual medicine use.

In a different approach, results driven research enabled SKMS product development an alternate route around the challenges of deciphering plant medicine. "Results driven" means research and product development deosn't necessarily need to know why, we just need to know how and what, and most importantly, how to repeat it.

The benefit of hundreds of clients in the Maine MJ program providing weekly feedback for SKMS' many early years, enabled discovery and refinement of what actually works.

As after all, much of the time in life, and in medicine manufacturing, we don't really need to understand all of the 'why', just all of the 'what' and 'how'. If it works, and we know how to reproduce it- we can figure out 'why' later.

When science catches up. And often science keeps catching up, that's a wonderful thing about scientific research. There is always more to discover. The 'why' that we knew yesterday may have new nuances or truths tomorrow. Until then, and after, SKMS will keep manufacturing safe meds, that feed the endocannabinoid system and most importantly- work consistently.

You can learn more about SKMS sleep products on the Real Cannabis Medicine Co. website, including Landrace Cannabutter Sleep Chocolates made from some ancient and very sleepy strains, cured and cooked to perfection, and the zero processed, absolutely chemical free, powdered wholeplant medicine Recharge Capsules. And if pain or a super restless mind keep you awake or wake you, a heavy dose of pain killing sedation from our best CBD and Pakistani strains in the long running SKMS Purples Severe Pain Formula, will leave you waking a whole new way.

best wishes on your health journey!

RCM Staff

January 18, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014


Cannabinol and Sleep: Separating Fact from Fiction

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