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kinder options: capsules for cancer relief

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

SKMS capsules have received many remission credits from healthcare, but the recipe and protocol have been refined with the feedback of over 1 million doses simply to best manage Chronic Illness symptoms with an effectiveness either not available or not safely available from pharmaceuticals. So, what is the recommended protocol?


It's that simple. And simple is good when you're feeling cruddy or very sleepy and trying to heal.

Take one every 4-6 Hours. Increase frequency until symptoms subside.

Endocannabinoid healing will typically begin most substantially once 12 to 16 hours of sleep is achieved in every 24.


"my father was sent home in a wheelchair to die by central Maine Medical Center oncology department. He walked back in to tell them what he thought of that two months later thanks to you guys. Could not thank you enough."

Monica Pomerleau in Greene ME


"mastectomy canceled, Single lumpectomy instead. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Jane in Dresden ME


"These are the products that have been keeping this stage 4 patient alive! I’ve been battling it for the last 18 months. Thanks to chronic illness formula from SKMS, it was held to just my bladder. After bladder removal surgery it metastasized and I was given 6 months to live from my oncologist team. Right away I went back on the SKMS chronic illness & severe pain relief along with immune therapy from the center. I’m proud to say that the 6 month expiration date that doctors gave me passed 4 months ago. I really feel as if these products saved/saving my life."

TJ, LT. USMC Ret. in North Carolina


"the first time the brain tumor actually reduced was when they stopped chemo treatment and I was only on the SKMS capsules for two weeks. I am doubling the dosage, they work"

Beth, Former Oncology Nurse in Lewiston ME


"In remission. Come back in three months for check up. First 9 chemo rounds apparently made it worse. 60 days of you guys made it better. Thank you"

Brenda in Litchfield ME


"Prostate PSA levels significantly lower than after healthcare's previous remission statement, all masses gone in scans, oncology signed off, not amused, but they signed off" Retired Surgeon and Hospital Board Member in CT


"One of our patients was just here who has Leukemia and says the SKMS capsules are the only thing that has stopped the nausea, can she call direct?"

Dr. Sulak's Office in Falmouth ME


"PET scan came back 'all clear'. Thank you."

Steve in Burlington


Free samples of the purples and blues available by mail.

Dosage guidance and general questions available by phone M-F 8AM-Noon EST.

Effective, safe, non addictive chronic illness symptom relief, supported by 10 years, millions of doses consumed and hundreds of satisfied clients, many healthcare staff themselves.

Message us on the website, text, email or call anytime.

Best wishes on your health journey. Feeling crappy sucks, we can help.

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 19, 2023

Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer

Liver Cancer

Blood Cancers


Brain Tumors

Bone Cancer


Cervical Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Bladder Cancer


Intestinal Cancers

Uterine Cancer

Heal yourself safely.

Anceint Ways Healing


Rick Simpson Oil

Endocannabinoid System Deficiency


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