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with the benefit of years of client feedback, a lot goes into the ingredients selection for S.K.M.S. capsule recipes. What makes one good for anxiety and another good for sleep, or cancer symptoms? Learn more..

S.K.M.S. first several hundred clients in 2014, regulated under the Maine Medical program at that time, were largely combat veterans, seeking non addictive and safe relief from symptoms of severe pain, PTSD, addiction, opiate cessation, chronic illnesses and cancers.

From their feedback we first learned that modern day hybridized cannabis strains had difficulty addressing symptoms consistently, and that native ancient or 'landrace' strains collected prior to this modern hybridization did have consistent affects, and were useable as a predictable symptom relief.

Following this discovery, S.K.M.S. dedicated almost all cannabis grow production to landrace strains, and increased collection of ancient seeds from native sources around the world, in a search for a wide variety of symptom relief. Additional client feedback helped identify strains best suited for specific symptom relief and fine tuned their combinations for most consistent performing effect.

During the same years, the SKMS Kitchen made amazing advancements in zero processing and refining both the relief potentials and their consistency of affect and absorption.

Landrace Cannabis Whole Plant Oils

Similarly, Chronic Illness Formulas and Severe Pain formulas were revised continually using this toolbox of international cannabinoid profiles, solely directed on patient outcomes. In the science and medical world, this is called "results based research".

Often times beneficial changes to recipes, in both ingredients and processing, were discovered by accident not intent, and adopted going forward. This allowed for the consistency of symptom relief, and patient outcomes to steadily improve over time.

Between 2016 and 2019 we recorded healthcare diagnostics of seizure patients noting a reduction improvement from around 50% to near 100% in extended MRI monitoring sessions, some many hours long.

Over the few million Blue Chronic Illness capsules and Purple Severe Pain Capsules S.K.M.S. observed positive reports being more consistent across different types of illnesses and different kinds of people, body types and illness histories. Since the adoption of the S.K.M.S. powdered version of zero processed RSO, reports of progress have been consistently quicker and virtually without exception, where dosage followed recommended protocols.

Karakorum Mountains Landrace Cannabis Seed Selection

The opportunity which both chance and the Maine medical program created for S.K.M.S. with so many daily clients providing product performance feedback enabled development of some of the most consistently performing and the first pharm grade cannabis consistently addressing pain relief, seizures, cancer symptoms and numerous other symptom specific relief options in the U.S. alternative health or cannabis markets.

S.K.M.S. staff is thrilled to be a part of advancing safe and effective plant medicine and having been a part of so many health journeys and life changing healing. At some point a few years in, we realized it wasn't just the combat vet who could lead a normal life again, or the mother who survived cancer, it was all the people they touched in their lives that really showed the benefit of plant medicine.

We hope this info has been helpful to you in your exploration of plant medicine healing and safer, often times more effective alternatives that wholeplant cannabis medicine and the body's own endocannabinoid system can offer. The body can heal, the endocannabinoid system knows how, sometimes it just needs a little fuel. Some Pubmed studies refer to that as "endocannabinoid deficiency".

Encapsulated & Bottled Symptom Specific Cannabis Capsules

S.K.M.S. Staff are available for product or dosage questions M-F 8am-Noon EST, and you can always email us, text us, or message on the website. Best wishes on your healing journey! We hope we can assist!

S.K.M.S. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 20th, 2023

(207) 671 8387

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