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cancer symptom relief: how much to take

Updated: Apr 2

Relief is all about dosage and absorption, and often more about absorption.

A primary performance of SKMS Zero Processed RSO Capsules is the excellent absorption provided by its advanced formulation.

Many pharmaceuticals and isolated plant molecules are not absorbed as well by the digestive lining.

The digestive lining is water based, and plant medicines are oil based. Additionally, modern foods, pharmaceuticals and alcohol can aggravate the digestive lining further reducing absorption of cannabinoids or other nutrients.


Blue Capsules by Day

Purple Capsules by night

Start with one each.

Increase Frequency of Dosage

Until Sleeping 12- 16 Hours of every 24


Combining SKMS plant medicine capsules with natural fats such as yogurt, coconut milk or other natural fats will help bridge this digestive barrier and improve absorption, especially in digestive linings irritated by healthcare ingested meds or other irritants.

Capsules contain a proprietary 100% plant powder which may be emptied into yogurt, coconut mil, or even better- a blended mix of a whole nutrition powder containing macro and probiotics as well as all needed vitamins and minerals, along with natural fats and any nutrition the digestive system can handle gently.

How much? And is there too much?

SKMS capsules and wholeplant cannabinoids have an inherent safety, in that there is no lethal overdose potential to cannabinoids.

Clients have taken SKMS Capsules as often as every hour, but in general we advise that if more than 4 are taken in 6-8 hours without falling asleep or very significant symptom relief, work on absorption.

Incorporating these natural fat combination methods will help all absorption, not just the challenged. Also helpful to keep in mind that capsules will absorb best when not combined with ingested ingredients which aggravate the digestive lining.

Have questions? Send them to us!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine January 16, 2024

O. 207.544.6744


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