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Cancer Relief, Safer, with likely side effect of Healing

SKMS' Pharmaceutical grade wholeplant capsules have been credited with many remissions, but are officially recommended or prescribed for effective relief. #cancer #chemosideeffects #endocannabinoidhealing


Cannabis has long been identified, permitted, even encouraged by mainstream healthcare for known safe relief of cancer symptoms and cancer treatment side effects.

In the early 2000s Rick Simpson discovered that in concentrated form, cannabis could do a lot more than relieve- it provided a remarkable number of remissions when ingested in sufficient dosages continually.

Starting in 2014 SKMS had the opportunity to take the discovery many steps further. The journey started with a broad patient base of different cancers and different ages and walks of life- all providing weekly feedback on their own results seeking relief and healing from SKMS Rick Simpson Oil.

Those patients, even patients still today, provided what is called 'evidenced based research'. In other words, being that we know it is safe in wholeplant form, we don't actually need to know why- just 'what' works. And this enabled years of hundreds of method and ingredient adjustments, resulting in remarkably improved results, but more importantly, even more consistent relief and healing.

Absorption is a substantial factor in performance, but certainly just one of many characteristics which enable the effectiveness of SKMS Cancer Formulas.

Rick Simpson Oil and similar cannabis concentrates have been found to have very minimal absorption rates, as low as single percentages- not surprising given their molasses like consistency. Enabling more consistent and far improved absorption enables more consistent performance from the endocannabinoid system by patient experience.

That can translate to easier or more accessible relief, and more or quicker healing.

Provided in pharmaceutical grade powder, yet still in a original wholeplant form, SKMS cancer formula capsules enable precise control of adjustment, crucial to managing symptoms which rise and fall, or to maintaining proper dosage continually.

Thanks to the assistance of regulators from state to Federal level, these Cancer Relief capsules were made available nationwide online, for purchase with just a credit card by priority mail. Many SKMS clients, including many former healthcare professionals would counsel, take the capsules often enough to achieve 12-16 hours of sleep in every 24, and you too may experience healing side effects to the relief medicines.

Blues by day, Purples by night. Both are discounted as a package. SKMS and RCM Co. have given back immense amounts from day one, an continue to assist Cancer Patients by providing capsule relief, for literally less than the cost of many vitamins.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine July 9th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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